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Porsche Fans River Cruise from Amsterdam to Porsche museum

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

The most votes came in for MAY or SEPTEMBER 2024. So we are negotiating with three cruise lines for September pricing. In term of weather May or September would be best, however the pries in May tend to be higher. We will post the May and September prices on Thursday, September 7 and then the group can decide between the three options. If you want to go separately on another day or sailing we can arrange that.


We were looking for a reasonable cruise that starts in Amsterdam and ends up in Nuremberg, which has a fantastic old town with a ton of history. Also, based on requests, we BROKE UP the package so that the cruise is separately the hotels in Nuremberg can be booked separately by you or by us, depending on your length of stay and you will be able to book your your Porsche experiences separately. Some of you want to stay longer and some shorter.

We will supply you with the Porsche experiences DIRECT phone numbers and email addresses. That way we get rid of the markups on the price and you control how much you want to see and experience. We know that Porsche owners are very engaged and some of you might want to stay and drive those great machines for a whole month or two. (If allowed by your significant other)

Your river cruise ends in Nuremberg on August 3rd and you will take a train to Stuttgart. We recommend the you stay in Nuremberg on the 3rd and 4th. It is a great historic city. There are 46 trains per day going to Stuttgart. It is a 2.5 hr direct train ride and you will see the efficiency of German trains. The prices are around $16 - $30.00 pp and can be booked ahead of time. The price includes the train ride.

In Stuttgart you will have a hotel for two nights. Some of you might want three nights and we can add on a night for you. We will help you with the air, which is not included in the package price.

So here is the new date (July 27, 2024) and itinerary:

DAY 1> AMSTERDAM ( embarkation at 4:00 PM) Welcome Cocktail, Shanty Choir on board DAY 2> AMSTERDAM


DAY 7> BAMBERG DAY 8 NUREMBERG (Disembark at 7:30 AM on August 3rd)

Here are the prices. They are based on availability and the faster we get a deposit the better chances of getting the cabins. The ship is Amadeus CARA, a brand new luxury ship from a cruise line that is Austrian and has been sailing in Europe for over 40 years. It is an upscale cruise line with only 140 people in the same space that Viking , for example, has 180 people.

They do not advertise in the USA but plan to capture a large segment of the USA market in the near future. They are consider an upscale cruise line, much higher quality then Viking, similar to Avalon and close to luxury AMAWaterways.

For a Porsche group of 8 cabins, group transfers from airport to cruise, the cruise, and trains from Nuremberg to Stuttgart, with 3 nights hotel in Stuttgart included.*

Hayden C-4 $3,149.00 Per person Hayden C-1 $3,611.00 Per Person Strauss B-4 $4,040.00 Per Person

Strauss B-1 $4,140.00 Per Person Mozart A-1 $4,628.00 Per Person

You will receive $150 per cabin shipboard credit . Prices include taxes and port charges.

* Based on availability. Prices and space are not guaranteed until a 10% deposit is paid. Minimum needed will be 10 couples for package price. Prices may vary for fewer cabins



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