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You must see this fantastic palace in Munich on your Danube cruise

Amazing palace in Munich on your Danube river cruise

A couple of months ago, on the way to our Danube river cruise we flew to Munich where this amazing palace, the the Munich Residence Palace, is located. This river cruise starts in Vilshofen but you fly to Munich. You can also start the Danube river cruise from Budapest and wind up in Vilshofen and then go to Munich where the airport is located. Go a couple days before or after and see this amazing palace in central Munich. Also known as the Residenz München in German, it is a historic palace complex that served as the primary residence of the Bavarian monarchs from the 16th to the 19th centuries and is considered one of the most significant royal palaces in Europe.

This is a picture of one of the halls lined with busts of ancestors from its long history.

History: The construction of the palace began in 1385 and continued over the centuries, resulting in a vast complex with various architectural styles. It was originally a small moated castle and gradually expanded into a grand palace complex with magnificent halls, courtyards, and gardens.

Architectural Styles: The Munich Residence Palace showcases a blend of architectural styles ranging from Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, and Neoclassical.

Features: The palace complex is vast and covers an area of over 130,000 square meters (1.4 million square feet). It consists of ten courtyards, 130 rooms, and displays an extensive collection of art, furniture, and artifacts. The interior features lavish decorations, stucco works, frescoes, and intricate woodwork.

Antiquarium: One of the notable highlights of the Munich Residence Palace is the Antiquarium, a grand hall built in the Renaissance style. It is one of the largest and most impressive secular Renaissance halls north of the Alps. The hall houses a collection of ancient Roman and Greek sculptures and is often used for special events and exhibitions.

Treasury: The palace also houses the Treasury, which holds a vast collection of royal treasures, including precious objects, jewelry, and regalia. Visitors can admire the Bavarian Crown Jewels, the Crown of the Holy Roman Empire, and other valuable artifacts.

Court Garden: The Munich Residence Palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens known as the Court Garden (Hofgarten).

Residenz Theater: Adjacent to the palace complex is the Residenz Theater, a historic theater that has been in operation since the 18th century. It showcases a range of performances, including opera, ballet, and plays, and is renowned for its beautiful interior design.

Museums: Within the Munich Residence Palace, there are several museums that allow visitors to explore different aspects of Bavarian history and culture. These include the Residence Museum, the Treasury, the Cuvilliés Theatre Museum, and the Porcelain Museum.

Today, the Munich Residence Palace is open to the public as a museum complex, providing visitors with a glimpse into the grandeur and opulence of Bavarian royalty. It is a popular tourist attraction and an important cultural landmark in Munich, offering a rich historical and artistic experience.

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