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Tahiti Air 25th Anniversary sale coming up to your Tahiti cruise, Paris

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Picture of Tahiti Bora Bora, Moorea
Tahiti Air Tahiti Cruise

Tahiti Air Nui is a great airline that not only flies to Tahiti but also to Paris. I've taken it several times to Tahiti. When you step on board it feels like you are in Tahiti already.

Air Tahiti will be releasing their Tahiti Air sale and Paris air sale specials on Sunday, June 25th at 9AM and last for 25 hours. We will post the links here at 9 AM when announced so if you interested in Flying to your Tahiti cruise or your Paris river cruise this may be a good time to check the prices.

Best time to visit Tahiti / Polynesian Islands is end of May to mid October. It is their winter (they are reversed from USA seasons - their winter is our summer and vice-versa)

The cruise lines serving Tahiti are Windstar, Paul Gauguin and once in a while Norwegian and Oceania. Here is a link to several Tahiti cruises for you to see. We give extra discounts or shipboard credit to the prices that you see.


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